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Monday, March 30, 2009

Developing SharePoint Web Parts with VS 2010 CTP

Had some time this weekend to take a look at the VS 2010 CTP that comes bundled with WSS 3.0.

While VS 2010 it is still in CTP, the User Interface is very appealing and definitely catches the eye. Started by installing the defacto development tool - WSP Builder, hoping that it might work; as suspected it did not.

In spite of that, not all was lost, after investigating a bit more was able to make the WSP Templates work with VS 2010 CTP which made it just a bit easier. Did notice that the collapsing of regions did not work and a few times the VS 2010 encountered an error.

From that point on, it was a smooth experience. Was fortunate that VS 2010 CTP errored out a couple of times. In the end developing a simple Web Part was not as difficult; it was not as nice as
SharePoint Development with VS 2010 CTP that demos a Visual Interface for Web Part development. Was actually hoping that it had included even an alpha version of it, but was not able to find it.

In case you have not had the time to look at it, I do encourage you to do so. The download is available here:

VS 2010 CTP Site

To overcome the issue of the expiration date before starting for the first time the VPC Image, follow the steps in this great posting from Jeff Beehler's Blog: Dealing with the Team System 2010 CTP Expiration Date.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tip sobre el uso del metodo Visible de un Web Part

Es posible que algunos otros programadores de SharePoint se encuentren en una situacion parecida o incluso la misma. Recientemente necesite de esconder un Web Part, me toco invertir un tiempo considerable en resolver un error que estaba ocurriendo mientras escondia el Web Part programaticamente usando el metodo Visible.

Todo indicaba que usando este metodo no habria problema alguno, y ciertamente funciono pero con un efecto: causaba un error.

Despues de investigar paso a paso confirme que el error estaba occurriendo en la linea de esta instruccion, chequee permisos y todo lo demas relacionado sin poder resolver la razon de este error.

La Resolucion
Despues de dar vueltas y vueltas, no logre encontrar la razon especifica de ocurrencia de este error. Sin embargo, recurri a utilizar el metodo Hidden el cual no causo error alguno y funciono perfectamente.

Espero que este sea de ayuda para alguien mas que incurra en este problema.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tip about using the Visible Method of a Web Part

Thought I would attempt to save some headache for those who find themselves in the need of hiding a Web Part. Spent some considerable time recently in the effort of hiding a Web Part, while taking a quick look at the object model it seemed that the visible method would do the trick. It certainly did with a peculiar side effect: It was causing an error.

After debugging and stepping through did confirm that it was triggering the error and it was being trapped correctly, checked permissions along with all the due diligence and still no luck.

While I did not spend more time to determine the exact cause, I did recur to the Hidden method and that worked without a problem.

Hopefully, this will come in handy to the anyone else who does run into this problem.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bienvenidos a la nueva residencia de el Blog de Doug Ortiz

Bienvenidos lectores, a la nueva residencia de el Blog. Gracias por el soporte que nos brindan.

Continuaremos contribuyendo en poco tiempo, esten atentos!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Welcome to the new home of Doug Ortiz’s Blog

Hello readers, welcome to the new home of the blog. Thank you for your continuous support.

We will continue blogging as usual with a new posting shortly, so stay tuned!