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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Windows 7 Upgrade

You have probably heard all the buzz and excitement about Windows 7 RTM being released last week. Was feeling a bit adventurous and thought I would go ahead and install it on a couple of machines that I do rely upon heavily.

The results were quite impressive:
  • The upgrade from Vista 64 Ultimate bit towards Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit went as smooth as it could no problem that I could find at all!
  • An upgrade from Windows 7 RC was not possible, but a clean install did proceed smoothly
  • All in all, the elapsed time was around 2 and 3 hours

Since the upgrade I have been working flawlessly, all applications upgraded without having to be re-installed or activated again.

In case you are wondering the upgrade path this article has great details about it:
Windows 7 Upgrade Path

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