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Monday, June 29, 2009

Windows 7 So Far

Many PC users have been enjoying Windows 7 as their main Operating System; in fact most people have made the leap from Windows Vista into Windows 7 Beta or RC. That said, thought I would share a few hiccups that have encountered during the upgrade to Windows 7:

Windows 7 - 32 Bit

Windows 7 - 64 Bit

Most software has been upgraded without a problem, some were requested to be removed

The keys for Purchased software the keys had to re-entered

Webcam was recognized and fully functional

Webcam was not recognized even if installed prior to upgrade

Webcam had to be installed prior to upgrade


Seamless upgrade from Beta 7 to RC

Have not tested yet


Even though Windows 7 is still in Beta and now in RC; almost about for RTM release. These problems are relatively minimal compared to prior versions of Windows.

Thought this might come in handy for a reference if you are about to do the leap into Windows 7.

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