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Monday, June 1, 2009

WSPBuilder Extensions v 1.01 Released

Tom Clarkson uploaded on March 11, 2008 a new release of WSPBuilder.

In a previous blog posting we quickly glanced at WSPBuilder, with this new Release 1.01 there are a few niceties added:

  • WSPBuilder Template Project
  • Creating and Naming the WSP solution file based on the manifest.xml file created by the tool itself. The naming is based on the name of the folder in which the project resides
  • Two new useful Tasks when right clicking the Project:
    • Create Deployment Folder
    • Attach to IIS Worker Processes

Besides the WSPBuilder Project and WSPBUilder Project with Workflow Templates available for Visual C#, a new one has been added:

From Doug Ortiz's Blog

When Right-Clicking the project two new additional task items are available:

From Doug Ortiz's Blog

I encourage you to download and review the features of WSPBuilder.

WSPBuilder Extensions 1.01 is available for download at:

There are more details regarding the new additions by click on the Releases Tab on codeplex.

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