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Monday, June 1, 2009

Should I Use Visual Studio 2008 as my only development environment for SharePoint?

Visual Studio 2008 was Released To Manufacturing this past November 19, 2007, by now a multitude of SharePoint enthusiasts have most likely downloaded or installed it on their development environments.

They probably are wondering whether to keep the current install of Visual Studio 2005 or not; this is the purpose of this posting to help you assess whether or not you should un-install Visual Studio 2005 and use solely Visual Studio 2008 for your development environment.

These are the issues to consider:

  • Visual Studio 2005 Extensions for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 does not work in conjunction with Visual Studio 2008.

    The node for SharePoint does not exist when creating a new project, even if you un-install and re-install the Visual Studio 2005 Extensions for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0.

  • Visual Studio does include under the Office 2007 Node the following workflows:
    • SharePoint 2007 Sequential Workflow
    • SharePoint 2007 State Machine Workflow

  • Visual Studio 2008 allows you to choose your target Framework
    • This is accomplished by going to the Project properties in the Application Tab, a dropdown named TargetFramework is now available


While the development of Custom Web Parts, Site and List Definitions for SharePoint does not exclusively depend on Visual Studio 2005 Extensions for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, it is not readily available in Visual Studio 2008.

Therefore, if you do not use the VSE for WSS you can go ahead and un-install it. Otherwise, you might have a use for it if using Visual Studio 2005 Extensions for WSS once in a while.

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  1. I think you should use visual studio 2008 as your only development environment for SharePoint. Bcoz it is very good and user friendly. I am also using VS 2008.